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This is a top notch outfit, clean cars (you might get the Tesla) and always on time. Drivers are very professional and courteous and will get you where you are going quickly and safely. I’ve tried a bunch of companies in the area and have never been completely satisfied, until now.

Corey S.San Francisco, CA

Andrea is way helpful. Easy to communicate with and nice. A personality who definitely highlights the experience of scheduling rides. I’ve never used the service so I can’t speak for the experience. I just book occasionally for professional guests at work. Highly recommended.

Matt Z.San Carlos, CA

Great limo service from pick up to drop off. What is especially noteworthy about Palo Alto Limo is that they are family friendly, even going so far as to provide car seats for the kids. Highly recommend!

Christopher H.Menlo Park, CA

Gary was on time and I enjoyed a sweet ride to SFO in his Tesla. I love that his car service is ‘green’ and I will definitely use Palo Alto Limo again!

Stacey W.Los Altos, CA

Can you beat getting home in a Tesla? We were picked up at San Francisco Airport in a shiny new Tesla by Gary, the owner. We loved it! Imagine going down 280 in a quiet, amazingly fast Tesla, enjoying the beautiful views 280 has to offer. We also had a great drive going up to the airport from Palo Alto with Victor driving a Town Car. It was so much better than parking my car, trekking over the the airport in a shuttle, etc. Thank you Gary and Victor! We will call you next time we travel!

Mary L.Palo Alto, Ca

Palo Alto Limo Service is my choice for transportation in the area.

I travel to Palo Alto and Mountain View very frequently for work, and I always fly into SFO, because there’s not a direct flight into SJC. In the past, I took taxis, but the cost was astronomical. They charge 150% after the first 15 miles! After getting burned several times and paying out the nose for rides in dirty, smelly taxis, I finally wizened up and starting booking with these guys.

Palo Alto Limo Service does it better for cheaper. And the service is impeccable.

Every ride includes personal, prompt service. As soon as I land, I immediately get a text message from the driver. The cars are comfortable and clean, and I have the choice of making phone calls, chatting with the driver, or just closing my eyes to relax and enjoy the ride. They have my credit card on file too, so it kind of like using Uber — it’s great to be able to just get out and go.

Plus, as an entrepreneur, it feels good to support another entrepreneur. The owner, Gary, still drives a car once in awhile, and I had the opportunity to ride with him last week. When I mentioned that I lived in Asia for years, he busted out some seriously awesome Japanese conversational skills! I was super impressed.

The bottom line is that they’re the best. I’m now a loyal client for life, and I highly recommend you become one too.

Melissa S.Austin, TX

Amazing service! Some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered and they are so accommodating. They even suggested ways for me to save. I definitely recommend this company, especially for those who are booking for important people and events.

Vera L.Stanford, CA

The most reliable and friendly car service company in the bay area! I started using them for work related rides to SFO, and now use them for personal as well.

A ride from SFO to the south bay via cab is 150% of the cab fare since they’re going outside of San Francisco, so a typical cab fare can run you $80+. For the same price, why not ride in a Lincoln Towncar or now .. one of their new TESLAs!!!

Last week I needed a last minute ride and called Gary around 10PM. He was fully booked for the next morning, and instead of hanging up, gave me a phone number for one of his associates who has a few cars, and was quickly able to arrange a pickup for the same rate.

The next day – Gary sent me an email asking if I was able to secure a ride and how the service was … which is pretty amazing he remembered given their large client base.

I asked if I could ride in their new Tesla upon my return. My flight was delayed, I gave them a heads up before departure, and they were accommodating and did not charge a fee. The Tesla was beautiful. So clean, rode smooth, and the driver was very friendly. A quick call after getting my bag and he was there in a matter of a few minutes.

Seriously wont be using any other service, even if other services run a few bucks more. They’re extremely quick to respond via phone and email, and super friendly & on time. Book in advance and request the Tesla if it’s available!

Matt Y.Palo Alto, CA

I am a consultant and live in San Jose. I am a frequent traveler and more often than not, I have to travel out of SFO. When I do, I pretty much use PA Limo Service.

Convenient – When I need a reservation, I can do it online or just send a text. From the airport, once I land, I send a text that I have landed. By the time I get out of the terminal, the car is waiting for me outside.

Safe – As I travel to many time zones, when I get picked up, I feel safe to take a quick nap in the car.

Clean – As a frequent traveler, I have been in many taxi’s. I truly appreciate the spacious and clean ride I get from this service.

Friendly – Everyone of the drivers make me feel like I am their only customer for the day. I feel comfortable to just listen to music or chat about life in general during the entire trip.

BIG THANKS to the PA Limo Service team for making my travels a little better!!

Edgar B.San Jose, CA

I’ve been using many different car services to take me to the airport over the years, but Palo Alto limo is the only one that has sustained my business. They are very reliable and even when Gary isn’t driving himself, he makes sure that everything is taken care of – including monitoring flights for late arrivals.

While the prices are competitive and the vehicles are nicely maintained, what I value most has been the reliability – in more than 5 years, I cannot remember a single time they have missed or been late.

Paul B.Redwood City, CA

This is our first time using their service. We have 3 adults and 2 toddlers and we needed two booster seats. The limo actually arrived earlier which is good since we don’t want to miss our flight. The car was nice and clean, driver was very friendly and helpful. The rate was reasonable. We’ll definitely use they served next time.

Nancy X.Los Altos, CA

Palo Alto Limo is great! Gary is very friendly and reliable. Our team uses their services to pick up clients all the time.

Online reservation system is awesome and SO easy to use. You can create an account and easily create reservations. Gary always confirms them quickly via email. You can even save your credit card info so that it’s so quick to make new reservations.

Highly recommend for companies that need reliable car services for their clients. Thanks Gary!

Gina R.San Francisco, CA

First time using Palo Alto Limo–Gary was on time, and got me there in style. I appreciated the cleanliness of the car(very cool that it was a Tesla!) and the ease of getting it booked.

I would absolutely use Palo Alto Limo again and will recommend it to others.

Anthony P. San Carlos, CA

Our company has been using Palo Alto Limo for over ten years. We only have the highest praise for the service they provide. The drivers have a true concierge mentality, and they always go out of their way to make sure all of our needs are met. Definitely a 5 star service!

Ty S.Beverly Hills, CA

Gary provided limo service for our wedding. The drivers were on time, the price reasonable and very reliable. We used the TESLA for our getaway car at the end of the evening which was so cool!

Lindsay L.San Francisco, CA

I needed a last-minute 4am ride to the airport. Gary picked up his phone in the middle of the night and was there on time at my door, and took me to SFO in time for my flight. Friendly, very prompt, and efficient service. Would use again!

Keito U.San Francisco, CA

They were on time, courteous, and reasonably priced. It was the first time to use them and was really worried as I didn’t want to be late for my flight to go to my daughter’s wedding. We had tons of bags and was worried they wouldn’t all fit, but they did without a problem.
Josh, the driver, was great – very friendly and helpful. I called the day before returning to schedule a pickup at the airport. Again, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. When I got off the plane, there was a text from Josh. I texted him when we got our bags and he was there literally within a few minutes. Perfect!
I will definitely use them again! I had used another larger service and was growing more and more frustrated with the service. Just wish I had used them sooner.

Mary F.Belmont, CA

I’ve used Palo Alto limo a dozen or more times over last six months. Never a problem, always on time, and Gary and Josh are always friendly.

Andrew H.Chicago, IL

Gary and his drivers are great. Reliable, courteous, and enjoyable to talk to. I am a long-term customer, and intend to remain that way. Keep it up Gary!

Alex R.Foster City, CA

I’m a long term customer. It’s a relief to find a reliable company that simply gets the job done without frills. The cars are clean, the drivers courteous and the pickups dependable. Two companies later my car service remains the same.

Pedraum P.Palo Alto, CA

Great service and responsiveness when I needed last minute transport from airport and wanted a cleaner, better ride than a cab. Will use again!

Kevin R.St. Paul, MN

Gary is great. On time service, reasonable rates and a good fleet. Highly recommended.

Robert C. San Carlos, CA